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These days whatever you are designing or manufacturing there is going to be a requirement to produce documentation that facilitates either the visualization or construction of your new product. Be it preliminary package drawings suitable for bidding, concept drawings for clients, shop floor drawings, Class Drawings, CNC cut files or digital documentation someone has to produce it.
Cad Projects typically takes on this role there by affording our clients time and opportunity to stay productive in their specialist fields leaving the drafting to us.
With a well established marine design and manufacturing background CAD Projects has the experience to take your project from concept to creation. We will work with you to produce a tailored set of concept or construction drawings ready to be plotted and issued or in a digital media of your choice.
Experienced in a large verity of CAD platforms we can usually fit in seamlessly with your chosen CAD platform.


3D Modeling is standard practice these days and CAD projects are considered masters at it. If you can dream it we can model it for you.
Typical Models Cad Projects are tasked with producing are as follows

  • Deck & Superstructure models (aesthetically pleasing)
  • Systems
  • Machinery
  • Interior models
  • Manufacturing or engineering models suitable for CNC output
  • Moulds
  • Prototyping

Experienced in a large variety of CAD platforms we can usually work out a format or export format that fits in seamlessly with your chosen CAD platform


Promotional media such as Renderings, Manuals, Marketing, Brochures, etc…are often requested by our clients so CAD Projects can supply you with Promotional media of your choice.
Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Finite Element Analysis

CAD Projects provides Finite Element Analysis to engineer & optimise your structures

Monitor-Naval Architecture

Naval Architecture

CAD Projects provides Naval Architecture services…

  • Power and sailing boat design
  • Interior and exterior design and styling
  • Full 3D modelling and detailing using Rhino 3D
  • Hydrostatic Calculations
  • Powering Calculations
  • Vessel structural design to code (Aus. NSCV, ISO RCD, Lloyds SSC, DNV) requirements in GRP, metal or wood
  • Specialised structural analysis (FEA)
  • Stability analysis and documentation

Specialists in providing all necessary documentation to facilitate the design of your vessel

We are often subcontracted by partner Naval Architecture consultancy’s to increase their in-house resource. This “support” service represents our core business and we welcome enquiries from fellow Naval Architecture consultancy’s

 Monitor-Organic Modelling

Organic Modelling

Organic modelling, the most challenging of the 3D modelling disciplines and one not often attempted in the Nurbs environment is something we excel at. We have created 5 axis CNC machineable nurbs models of all manner of organic life such as human figures, prawns, Squid, Hands… and the list goes on. Contact us about your next organic project